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A new way to combine remote hardware accessibility and testing

Challenges We Solve


No Real Hardware Access

Overcome the hurdle of limited access to physical devices during early development.

Version Management Woes

Simplify the complexities of managing ever-changing software and hardware versions.


Global Team Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration among dispersed development teams, especially those working remotely.


Prototyping Hassles

Eliminate the need to send prototypes worldwide, saving time and resources.


Testing Inefficiencies

Streamline testing processes, reduce costs, and optimize development cycles.

DeviceVault Solution
DeviceVault offers a cloud platform for seamless application testing across various hardware
and software versions - no need to ship devices.

DeviceVault provides a continuously accessible cloud platform for testing applications against multiple hardware & software variants​ without sending prototypes anywhere.

Key Benefits

Beyond Simulators

When simulators fall short, DeviceVault steps in, providing a comprehensive solution without the complexities.

Quality assurance.png

Enhanced QA Process

Fill gaps in your Quality Assurance with continuous accessibility, revealing hidden performance issues in connected hardware.

CI/CD Integration

Connect DeviceVault to your CI/CD environment for thorough testing, ensuring interoperability and performance with real hardware.


Effortless Integration

Easily integrate real hardware into your development process for faster results.

Unlock Global Talent Pool

Break geographical barriers. Access a global talent pool for your digitalization projects by using real hardware remotely.

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We simplify your journey into tomorrow's technology securely and efficiently.


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Our purpose is to provide technological design expertise to our customers on their journey beyond tomorrow, safely and securely.

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